Did you know that from 2022, rockets will be launching into space from UK spaceports for the very first time? We’re celebrating this exciting milestone with our new STEAM-focused competition for kids aged between 4 and 11 years old.

Logo Lift Off is a primary schools’ competition run by the UK Space Agency as part of its spaceflight programme, LaunchUK. The competition builds upon the excitement and interest young children have in rockets, space and our planet, and educates them on how small satellites can help to monitor and inform solutions to climate change.

We’re asking children from each nation of the UK to design a logo which will go on rockets launched from the UK next year! This will help promote the UK’s spaceflight programme and celebrate the mission these satellites have in helping to protect our planet from climate change.


Logo Lift Off will provide a selection of resources for teachers and parents to help put STEAM-focused learning into a familiar context through classroom or home-based activities.

Our brand-new Logo Lift Off website offers a great overview of the competition and it’s aims:

Regional winners will get a chance to pitch their designs to our panel of friendly judges, and the winning design will be featured on rockets launching from UK spaceports in 2022.