>> Python programming: advanced subject knowledge, implementation and testing

Develop your Python skills by exploring advanced programming techniques such as authentication, nested selection, data structures, sub-routines whilst applying them into the implementation and testing stages of the software life cycle.

Online courses

In addition to our remote course track, we recommend booking onto two online courses:

>> Design and prototype embedded computer systems (starting 19 April)

Take your project to the next level! Over the course of three weeks, explore how embedded systems are used in the world around us, learn practical activities to decompose problems, and write algorithms to develop your ideas in this exciting course. We can’t wait to see what you create!

>>Programming with GUIs (starting 19 April)

Get GUI-ing this spring: on this practical course, you will learn how to incorporate more interactivity into your programmes, experiment with different types of widgets, AND put everything you’ve learnt into practice using the guizero library!